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An MBA degree is prestigious as it is accepted worldwide. With more and more Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this valuable course. There are several types of MBA; you can choose anyone depending on your criteria. Most of the students enrolling in this course are already employed. So, they either opt for a part time course or quit their jobs and pursue this course or the company they’re working for sponsors their course.

  • Either way, lots of careers are benefited by various types of MBA courses as it helps them gain additional knowledge and obtain a better pay package. Last year it was reported that over 90% of MBA graduates are fully employed and offered better salaries. For students or professionals considering an MBA course, the first thing to do is choose a type.


BBA is the basic platform of someone who is serious of getting through to a good MBA programme. This Bachelor in Business Administration lays the bases of your management education. This course is of more importance to students from a non commerce as it brings them on terms with the basics in Business Administration.
Bachelor’s of Business Administration is a three year degree program. This degree aims at providing fundamental education in business and management principles. The course allows students to specialize in one of the multiple specialization areas, such as international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing or accounting. BBA programs can offer practical management training that can prepare students to successfully work within a large or small organization.

  • After completing BBA, the candidates can join as executive trainee/management trainee in any of the following sectors:
    Advertising agencies: Example- Leo Burnett, Mudra, etc…
    Banking, finance, consultancy: Example – HSBC, Citibank, etc…
    IT companies: Example – Compaq, Wipro, etc…
    Consumer durable companies and FMCG: Example – Marico, P&G, etc…
    The candidates can also do some professional courses like ICWAI, CA, etc…
    The candidates can do master degree courses like MCA.

  • The candidates can take up part-time jobs and they can do some computer courses in the spare time. If they feel that their English communication skills is not good, they can go for some English speaking courses, which will be of great help to their future.
    The BBA graduates can get jobs in different sectors like human resources, accounting, finance, information systems, real estate entrepreneurship, etc… and the choice is endless.
    If the candidates can develop good programming skills, they will be able to get placement in multinational companies.

  • If the candidates are interested in getting into government services, they can take up UPSC examinations like civil service examination, National Defense Academy examination, etc…
    If they are interested in bank jobs, they can take up bank examinations as well.
    So, there is a wide range of opportunities left to the candidates after completing the BBA degree course and they can either opt for job or higher studies or even both by doing part- time jobs or by taking up correspondence courses.