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Hotel manager

Are responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of their establishments. Controls all financial aspects.

Assistant manager

Oversee the day-to-day operations of their departments. Resident managers (in large hotels) resolve problems or emergencies round the clockUnder the supervision and guidance of the top management.

Front office manager

Oversees the work of receptionists, information clerk, reservation clerk and other services.

Catering department

The culinary department, The steward department, The food service department.

Executive Chefs

Head each of these specialized kitchens under whose direction the chef de parties turn out exquisite preparations and meals.

The Assistant Manager

  • More Jobs

    • Front office assistant.
    • Front office executive.
    • F & B executive.
    • Banquet supervisor.
    • Bar supervisor.
    • Floor attendant.
    • Housekeeping executive.
    • Food production executive.


Hotel Management is an upcoming global industry & has a multi-focused approach. It is flourishing in big as well as small cities. It prepares students to work at the hotels, resorts, cruise liners, aviation and casinos. At hotels, hotel management graduates may engage in managing functions such as housekeeping, front office, food production and administration. Hotel Management aspirants can specialize in fields like Hospitality Marketing Strategy, Culinary Theory and Practice, Hotel Operations, Hospitality Franchising, Hospitality Technology & Financial Analysis in Hospitality Industry.

  • Hotels are amongst the most visible and necessary aspects of a country’s infrastructure. hotel industry is a closely joined one to the business enterprise industry. a number of things like promotion of business enterprise and fast industrial progress have given a lift to hotelier. The recent relief of trade and opening from economy will any cause revolutionary growth in this sector. With increasing economic process, career opportunities during this field aren’t solely restricted within the country however there are chains of hotels that operate internationally providing scope of a career abroad. it’s a glamorous profession that encompasses a bright future. With the expansion of hotel industry propelled by foreign and domestic business enterprise and business travel, the demand for well-trained quality personnel too has fully grown impressively. the diversity of expertise in hotel management is larger than in the other profession. hotel industry involves combination of varied skills like management, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operation, food production principles, sales and marketing, accounting. Today, the rise in corporate activity (leading to bigger range of business trips) also as the wish to travel on vacation has created the hotel industry a really competitive one.

  • Every times its not required that only ladies have to be compelled to be part of the course however the boys can also try this as there are several top ten MBA college in India who provide hotel management course for the coed. Some question arise within the student mind that’s hotel management is that the right selection affirmative hotel management is a right selection each career has its own scope first of all you should be ambitious and prepared to work exhausting and sincere to your work. because the number of hotels mushrooming and business enterprise industry is growing as quick those with hotel management degree is in a lot of demand.

  • Some other question such as you are unable to make a decision that is best appropriate area on behalf of me, kitchen, front office, housekeeping. what’s the scope of every in growth, money and future? additionally what’s the expansion in tourism? the solution to this would be choose the suitable area only that you’ve got ready to do. do not choose the job according to its growth, money and future .It depends upon your ability, practice and experience. thus choose the correct one that you’ve got the ability to work. The scope going abroad is also there for the students who are having the power to work hard on the far side there. thus i would like say that there’s scope in everything simply the matter is a way to grab it and once to grab it.